Summer Blows By

Another summer that has gone by way too fast.  Here are some of the big highlights.

Kids with their best friends.

Our first real bike riding trip – riding bikes with Adam from home to downtown Collinsville


The kids were into tubing this year.

For grandpa Drefs’ 80th birthday, dad wanted everyone to come out to our house for an East Coast visit.  The cousins had a great time visiting the local sights.

Cousins come for a visit with grandma and grandpa for grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration


They went a bit crazy picking it themselves


Then Justine took the kids to SoCal to visit the Balding clan and go to their family reunion in Crater Lake.  Dwight had to stay home and work.

Justine takes the kids to SoCal to visit for 3 weeks without dad!



Claire loved BoogeyBoarding.


The trip north for the reunion.





With the rest of the clan…


Claire and Amelia.

            Back in SoCal.



I came out for a weekend and we met up with Pat and Ella at Universal Studios so the kids could see Harry Potter’s land.

The next Harry Potter?

Claire likes Hermione Grainger




Grandpa builds a custom wand holder for our Harry Potter fans

To the beach again to meet up with friends of Mom’s.






Back in CT…

Adam still loves paper airplanes.

New garden.

We went to Six Flags a few times too.

Adam rides a bigger coaster again – Six Flags

And went boating.

Claire takes Maria out for her first boat trip

Claire teaching Maria


Quyhn came out for a visit.

Quyhn comes for a visit on her birthday



And then, summer was over.  It was time for school to start.


Note from Cherry Brook Primary School Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians of our newest CBPS Alumni,


At the end of our final all-school meeting, we always call up the 3rd grade students to wish them a fond farewell.  Most of the time, they stand there awkwardly not really sure of what to do. This year was different. With a techno-version of “Don’t You Forget About Me” playing through the speakers, your children started bopping along.  But then, as a class, and without any adult direction, they formed a conga line and danced through the gym together. It demonstrated to me that they are connected to each other as they danced and celebrated as a unit. It showed their own comfort level to just go with the flow and enjoy the moment.  Most importantly, to me it showed their willingness to embrace their youth – carefree, happy, excited to look ahead and holding on to those around them. This is a very unique group – I’m lucky to have been a part of it during their schooling.


Please know that I’m always available for your kids.  It has been a pleasure to watch them grow and I know that they will continue to soar.


Have a great summer!

Andy Robbin

Spring 2018

We’ve had a busy Spring as always with all the kids stuff going on.


School took a trip to the aquarium, and Adam took grandma’s old camera and took these pictures himself.




Adam’s best friend Aiden

Adam took g&g old camera on a school field trip to the Mystic Aquarium



Spring Break was in chilly Montreal this year.  We visited Justine’s family in Quebec, did some skiing (last week of the season), and saw lots of interesting things.



The three of us did their first “Escape Room.”  They loved it.


The Montreal Gardens were impressive.


Butterfly exhibit.


The kids both got brand new bikes from our cousin’s shop.  They loved them.


Maple syrup everywhere, even in our host’s yard.




Adam continues taking martial arts twice a week.


Claire played softball again.  She loved it.  She got to try her hand at pitching several times, and did quite well.  




Claire joined “Girls on the Run,” a social group at her school.  She trained with a group from school, which culminated in her first 5k.   She ran great, with a little support during the run from Dwight to keep her on a good pace, and finished way up in the standings after starting way in the back.  Her final time was right about 32 minutes.


Lots of end of year events at school.  Here’s some of the art exhibit.






We went to Six Flags, as usual.



Adam took tennis lessons this year instead of swimming or baseball.  He enjoyed it a lot.


Adam’s Celebration of Learning.



We finally got the boat fixed and out for Father’s Day.  Lake Congamond will be our home port this summer.


We had a Father-Daughter dance again this year.




Easter feast.


Dwight got a mid-life crisis car.


The kids had a recorder and singing concert at school.

Claire giving one of the story lines.


The new bike.


Mother’s Day.