Claire’s 5k

Just a note for a potential future runner- Claire ran her 2nd 5k race today, with me helping pace her, as part of the “Girls on the Run” program.  She finished at 31:20, averaging 10:06 miles.  She was 12th overall in her age group.  Rainy, cold day but she had fun I think.

Lost Job, Kid Notes

From a family email…

I meant to write during Thanksgiving while we had a great week with mom and dad here, but got distracted, and then going back to work Monday yielded some bad news- I’ve been laid off from my job.  It was a complete surprise and makes no sense to me.  Didn’t get a real strong explanation, other than it wasn’t my performance and they were making organization changes.  I suspect it’s because of our new President.  I had no warning.  So, we’re getting adjusted to that new reality. I’m very sad and broken up about it, I loved the job and put in a lot of hours and thought it was my last job until retirement.

I did get some severance and other payments, so financially we’re fine for at least 6 months or more.  One benefit they gave me was an executive search firm for free, so that will be a big help.  I’ve got my unemployment benefits getting started, and my resume updated, and have started looking around.  Naturally we’d prefer not to have to move, but given our current location that is going to be very hard I think.  I did see one opening already here local that looked interesting.  There’s a surprising number of openings I am interested in nationally, but that would be painful financially and for the family.  Tough decisions ahead.

Beyond that, we did have a very nice couple weeks.  Weather has been unusually cold and we’ve had snow on the ground until recently.  Lots of rain also.  Spent a few weekends raking leaves and getting decorations up.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving week with my parents, and I took the week off as well.  Kids had school but we kept busy.  Soccer wrapped up and basketball started.  I’m coaching Claire’s team again, since they just don’t have enough girls or volunteers.  Because the rec league doesn’t seem to be getting enough girls showing up, we doubled Claire into a local gym league where apparently the girls are going.  Tonight is the assessment night so we’ll see how many are actually there.  We didn’t want her falling behind and not getting the chance to be part of her future team (now assuming we actually stay here).  Anyway, there’s plenty of boys –we’re fielding at least two teams plus the surrounding cities’ teams, so Adam is playing on a good team.  He’s certainly nowhere near one of the best players, but that’s okay since at this age they all develop at different paces.  They both say they enjoy basketball (even Adam, who I thought might have lost interest).

Both kids are reading like crazy now, and Harry Potter stuff continues to be the main attraction.  We were just planning a Spring Break trip to Orlando to go to the Happy Potter land at Universal.  Likely have to wait now.  Claire is so into reading she carries books with her everywhere, so any time there’s even a short break she had her nose in a book.  Better than an iPad.  Adam has been reading other series’, asking for the “Nutmeg” award winners (don’t know what this is myself).  But he loves all of them.  He’s reading more than he used to, which is great, but not as much as Claire.

Adam has been really into paper airplanes, and now he’s gotten books on origami too, and a fancy kit from G&G for an early xmas gift, so there’s stuff all over the house.  He made a tiny basketball hoop out of a sticky note and put it on the wall next to my desk so I could use it.


Grandma and Grandpa Drefs drove out to join us for Thanksgiving this year.  Not much to share since October’s photos.  Here’s a few things.

Both kids finished up soccer on undefeated teams.  They had fun playing, and both even scored goals.

Basketball is starting now too.

Both kids’ classes went to Sturbridge Village for a field trip.

Adam’s class field trip to Old Sturbridge Village
Writing with quills and ink

Adam took grandma Drefs’ old camera and took his own pictures.  Some are blurry because he wasn’t used to waiting for a lens to focus. 





Standardized Testing – Both did great, looks like Adam had top score in school, Claire just a couple points less 


The kids have turned into huge Harry Potter fans.  They both read all the books, Claire multiple times, and guess what their Halloween costumes were?  They loved Halloween this year, the first time they have really gotten into it.  Dwight just tagged along to make sure nothing bad happened as they ran from house to house with their friends Annie, Dimitria, and Aiden.  All had a blast.



Lots of leaves to rake this year.  Adam enjoyed playing in the big pile.

Christmas list for 2018.

Both kids love playing instruments.  We continue with piano as well after a summer break.  Claire says she hates piano but loves the Clarinet, but I’m making her keep playing, at least for this year.  Adam continues to enjoy both trumpet and piano.

Adam continues to love his martial arts too.